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Sr. No. Circular/Order No. Date Issuing Branch Subject
1. Memo No.2/51/2008-1Pension 17th April, 2009 Govt. of Haryana, Finance Dept. Decision of Govt. relating to grant of Dearness relief to State Govt. pensioners / Family pensioners- revised rates effective from 1-1-2006, 1-7-2006,1-1-2007,1-7-2007, 1-1-2008 and 1-7-2008.
2. HWC/BUSINESS/BA-4/Rebate/08/30115-124 22nd August, 2008 Business Branch Rebate in Storage charges on stocks stored in the Warehouses.
3. HWC/Business/BA-2/HTC/2008/33783-91 14th August, 2008 Business Branch Finalization of tenders for appointment of handling contractors for seven year guarantee godowns and handling & transportation contractors for fertilizer stocks.
4. HWC/M(B)/2008/33084-197 11th August, 2008 Business Branch Policy to encourage private business

No.HWC/Business/BA-4/Rebate/08/30115-124                                                                                              Dated:22/7/08
  All the District Managers,
Haryana Warehousing Corporation in the field.
Sub: Rebate in storage charges on the stocks stored in the Warehouses.
  Please refer to this office letter No.HWC/Business/BA-4/Rebate/30993-31007 dated 11.9.07 on the subject cited.
The matter regarding rebate in storage charges on the stocks stored in Warehouses has been reviewed and the following decisions shall be operative w.e.f. 1st August 2008.

1. The existing Warehouses are categorized into three groups viz. Group “A”, “B” & “C” as per Annexure “A”.

2. The following scale of rebate in storage charges will be admissible to the Warehouses falling in different groups.:

Rebate in storage charges
i) Group-A nil
ii) Group-B 10%
iii) Group-C 20%

3. The categorization/grouping of the Warehouses is subject to review at any time depending upon the demand and availability of storage space and in the overall business interest of the Corporation. In case it is felt by the District Managers that any upward or downward revision in rebate on storage charges is required at any of the Warehouse, they should recommend the same to HO with full justification.

4. Farmers will continue to enjoy the rebate of 30% in storage charges on Rabi produce and 50% on Kharif produce on the general tariffs without any consideration of grouping of the Warehouses. However, the rebate will be applicable upto the total receipt of 50 MTs quantity of different commodities at a particular Warehouse during Rabi and Kharif seasons individually. No such rebate will be allowed to the farmers on the quantity over and above the 50 MTs as discussed above. This rebate will not be clubbed with the rebate offered at (2) above.

5. Cooperative institutions will be given 10% statutory rebate in storage charges even in Warehouses grouped as Group-“A”.

6. Concessional rates of storage charges applicable for FCI and other State agencies shall remain unchanged. Similarly, the rebate in storage charges to the fertilizer manufacturers and cooperative fertilizer agencies will continue to be as here-to-fore. No further rebate as at (2) above, shall be applicable.

7. The above said grouping of the Warehouses and rebate in storage charges shall be applicable w.e.f. 1.8.2008.

  Encl: As above.
  MANAGER (Business)
Endst.No.HWC//Business/BA-4/Rebate/08/30125-248                                                                                 Dated:22-07-08
  A copy of above is forwarded for information & necessary action:-

1. All the officers at H.O.
2. All the Managers/ Incharges, State Warehouses in the field.
3. All the Accountants, District Offices, HWC in the field. 4. PS to Chairman/PA to M.D. for information of Chairman/M.D.
Sr. No. Group –“A” Sr. No. Group –“B” Sr. No. Group –“C”
1. Ambala City 1. Yamuna Nagar 1. Naneola
2. Jagadhri 2. Kurukshetra-I 2. Saha
3. Kurukshetra-II 3. Shahabad-I 3. Mullana
4. Shahabad-II 4. Ismailabad 4. Radaur
5. Ladwa 5. Gumthala Garhu 5. Sadhaura
6. Pehowa 6. Dhand 6. Siwan
7. Pipli 7. Pundri 7. Jakholi
8. Kaithal-I 8. Cheeka-I 8. Kaul
9. Kaithal-II 9. Kalayat 9. Barsat
10. Kaithal-III 10. Pai 10. Pungthala
11. Kaithal-IV 11. Jundla 11. Dharsul
12. Cheeka-II 12. Gheer 12. Tohana-II
13. Salwan 13. Nigdhu 13. Bhuna
14. Gharaunda-I 14. Bapoli 14. Sirsa-III
15. Gharaunda-II 15. Madlauda 15. Chautala
16. Taraori 16. Panipat-I 16. Bani
17. Nissing 17. Israna 17. Rori
18. Panipat-II 18. Gohana 18. Alewa
19. Samalkha 19. Bhiwani 19. Dhamtan Sahib
20. Barwala 20. Bhattu 20. Dhanauri
21. Hansi 21. Rattia 21. Lakhan Majra
22. Uklana 22. Dabwali 22. Meham
23. Fatehabad 23. Kalanwali 23. Nangal Chaudhary
24. Jakhal 24. Ellenabad 24. Palwal-III
25. Tohana-I 25. Jeewan Nagar 25. Barauli
26. Sirsa-I 26. Rania 26. Hathin
27. Sirsa-II 27. Jind 27. Nuh
28. Safidon-I 28. Jullana 28. Pinanguan
29. Safidon-II 29. Nagura 29. Ferozpur Zhirka
30. Uchana 30. Rohtak-I    
31. Rewari-I 31. Rohtak-II    
32. Rewari-II 32. Ateli    
33. Narnaul 33. Kanina    
34. Hodal-II 34. Mohindergarh    
35. Palwal-II 35. Jhajjar    
36. Kheri Kalan 36. Bahadurgarh    
37. Pataudi 37. Hodal-I    
38. Tauru 38. Palwal-I    
39. Farukh Nagar        

No.HWC/Business/BA-2/HTC/2008/33783-91                                                                                 Dated: 14th August, 2008
Sub: Finalization of tenders for appointment of handling contractors for seven year guarantee godowns and handling & transportation contractors for fertilizer stocks.
  To ensure transparency and better competition, it has been decided that henceforth the contracts for appointment of handling contractors for seven year guarantee godowns and handling & transportation contractors for fertilizer stocks shall be finalized by the District Mangers at their own level. In this regard following guidelines may be followed:

1. The tenders should be invited at least three months before the expiry of the existing contract and the fresh contract should be finalized at least one month before the expiry of current contract. There shall be no delay in the finalization of the contract.

2. The tender notice shall be published at least in two prominent local newspapers with wide circulation.

3. The contract shall be for a fixed period of either one or two years as may be determined by the District Mangers. It should, however, be ensured that contracts are finalized for the period, April 1 -- March 31. To achieve uniformity, the period of the first contract to be entered by you next may be enlarged upto 31st March, 2010.

4. Normally there should be no requirement for extension of an existing contract. In case extension of an existing contract is required in emergent cases, such cases shall be referred to the Head Office with full justification.

5. The tender would also be made available at the website ( the Corporation to be freely downloaded by any interested party.

6. Initially the tender forms shall be made available without realizing any tender fee or cost. The fee/cost of the tender form shall be realized as provided in clause no. 7 below.

7. The tenders shall be accompanied with an Earnest Money @ 2% of the estimated value of the contract. The tender fee may be adjusted / realized at the time of its release to the unsuccessful tenderer. In case of successful tenderer, the tender fee may be realized at the time of deposit of security amount.

8. Successful tenderer shall be required to deposit security amount equivalent to 10 % of the estimated value of the contract.

9. The tender shall be opened by a committee constituted by the District Mangers which may comprise SDE, AM(QC), concerned Warehouse Manager or any other Manger and the indenter’s representative. In case the contract values beyond Rs 5 Lakhs, the Deputy Commissioner of the District may be requested to nominate his representative to associate with the committee.

10. The representative of FCI or the concerned fertilizer agencies, as the case may be, shall be a member of the tender finalization committee.

11. Disputes, if any, shall be resolved by the District Manger. The instructions issued vide this office letter No. HWC/Business/BA-2/08/16478-486 dated 21.4.2008 that tender notice(s) for appointment of handling contractors for guarantee godowns and handling & transportation contractors will be issued and processed at HO level is hereby withdrawn. Further, it shall be the duty and responsibility of the District Manger to ensure complete transparency and competitiveness in the tenders.


No.HWC/M(B)/2008/33084-197                                                                                                          Dated: 11th August, 2008
Sub: Policy to encourage private business.
  1. In order to ensure optimum utilization or godowns, the available vacant storage space in warehouses may be offered to prospective private depositors. The reservation may be made by the District Mangers at their own level after realizing advance storage charges as per standing instructions in the matter.

2. In case the demand for storage space exceeds its availability within the circle, storage space available at warehouses in adjacent circles may be explored and the customer referred to the concerned District Manager. If the rates of storage charges needs to be negotiated with private party/depositor to attract business, the concerned District Manager may refer the matter to the Managing Director with full justification as earlier advised vide H.O. Letter No. HWC/Business/BA-4/Rebate/08/30115-124 dated 22.7.2008.

3. Any such advance reservation of private party shall be subject to cancellation during the months of April, May and June at short notice of 7 (Seven) days in case of HWC’s emergent requirement for storing its own wheat.

4. A separate policy is being brought the Board for incentivising Managers and District Mangers for bringing private storage business.

5. The instruction contained in office letter No. HWC/M(B)2008/28282-94 dated 11.7.2008, viz, “No fresh reservation of space be allowed to the private depositors by the District Manager at their level without prior approval of H.O.” stands withdrawn .

  Deputy Manger (QC)
No.HWC/Business/AB-4/Rebate/08/                                                                                                  Dated: 08th August, 2008
A copy of the above is forwarded to all the Mangers/Incharges of Warehouses of HWC